5 of Knoxville’s best local booksellers

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With the invention of e-books and an uptick in customers ordering books from Amazon, the number of local bookstores has declined significantly in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has also understandably contributed to this downturn.

The Strand bookstore in New York City is an almost 100-year old institution that is valued by New Yorkers and tourists alike. According to a New York Times Article published in Oct. 2020, the owner announced that the store’s revenue was down 70% from the previous year and that she needed customers’ help to keep the business alive.

The issue of local bookstores being able to stand strong in the wake of Amazon’s success and the pandemic is not exclusive to big cities like New York. If anything, this example of a struggling bookseller could act as a stimulus to push people across the country to prioritize visiting their local bookstores before ordering online.

Knoxville has seen its fair share of bookstore closures in recent years, but there are still a variety of ways you can support local and get all of your favorite stories. Also, the number of places starting to include bookselling in their repertoire of services seems to be increasing. Here are five bookstores in or near Knoxville that are local and unique to the southeast region.

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