Burger Boys owner offers ‘the best of me’ in every bite. What makes his food so special?

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When a bag of food goes out the window at Burger Boys on Chapman Highway, Andre Bryant has all the confidence in the world.

The tall, lanky grillmaster has crafted every burger for every customer who has come through his drive-thru since opening in 2018, and it comes with a sense of pride most people wouldn’t understand.

“Every time I deliver that burger, it’s the best of me,” he said. “It’s a burger that I would eat — that I want somebody to make for me.”

To understand his entrepreneurial spirit and love for the burger business, his first job at a Wendy’s in Columbus, Ohio, is a great place to start. While working behind the fryer, a 15-year-old Bryant was simply amazed the franchise was owned by a Black man and decided he wanted something similar for his life.

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