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Finding jobs for people of all abilities

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Having a job is something many of us take for granted. For some, it’s a goal in life. A program at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is helping make that dream a reality.

Project Search is a nationwide program helping adults with intellectual disabilities find jobs. On Friday, they celebrated five graduates from East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Chris Browning is one of them. He said it not only helped him find a job but gave him self-confidence.

“It’s great that I’m able to get a job and make money,” said Browning. “I like being important to people here, you know?”

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One of Knoxville’s oldest family-owned businesses is closing its doors after pandemic hardships

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A local, family-owned business has been a part of the Knoxville community for more than 120 years. But now, it is closing up shop. The owners said that they would close its doors on November 1.

Greenlee Bike Shop has ties back to 1897, according to Conrad L. Majors, the heir to the shop. It was originally called “Knoxville Bicycle Hospital,” and was located at 710 Gay Street.

That shop moved several times over the course of a century. Additionally, it was passed down from family member to family member since its inception.

Now, the historic shop is located at 1402 North Broadway. Majors went into retirement and sold the shop to the Rich family. They owned the lawn mower repair shop next door.

“We didn’t want to see it close,” Stephen Rich said.

So, they bought a piece of history just to keep it open.

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Marble City Market hosts job fair ahead of food hall opening

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Anyone looking for work may be able to find a job at a new food hall opening in Knoxville — the Marble City Market.

Officials held a job fair on Thursday where they spoke with applicants as they looked to hire between 50 and 70 employees. People of all different skill levels were welcome to apply, officials said. Applicants would also be able to work at restaurants of all kinds, handling several kinds of meals.

“The food hall was designed to bring people together,” said Matt Taylor, the Director of Operations at Hospitality HQ. “So there’s something for everybody. Everybody’s going to enjoy what we put out here, where it’s a rice bowl, poke, ramen, pizza, burgers, donuts and fried chicken.”

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Cool job alert! Downtown Knoxville’s food hall is hiring before opening in late October

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Before Knoxville’s first food hall can open its doors later this month, it needs the right team in place.

Marble City Market, which opens Oct. 22, is hosting an on-site job fair Thursday.

The food hall, located at 333 W. Depot Ave. in downtown Knoxville, and its 11 food vendors are looking to hire team members before opening day. Interviews Thursday could lead to on-the-spot job offers.

Marble City Market has 12 positions available, while vendors have between 30 and 40 openings.

Looking for a front-of-house job?

Matt Taylor, director of operations for national food hall curator Hospitality HQ, told Knox News that Marble City Market is “hiring for everything.” That includes front-of-house positions, like bartenders and brand ambassadors.

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All-inclusive frozen yogurt shop in Knoxville closes after two and a half years

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — For two and a half years Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt Shop in Knoxville greeted customers with smiles and positivity. If that wasn’t enough, then the cherry on top was that Emmy’s was an all-inclusive business model.

“We opened the shop to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities,” said Jodie McIntyre, the owner of Emmy’s. “Emmy is my son, he has Autism. He’s the most amazing person I know.”

McIntyre explained the idea behind the business operation. Every task had a specific formula, picture, or method attached to it. Then, those formulas never changed.

Mcintyre had a binder filled with a step-by-step on how to clean the yogurt machines. It had pictures on each page and a checklist to make sure each item got completed.

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Knoxville Fire Department trains future drivers on new hook and ladder firetruck

in Employment

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Knoxville Fire Department will soon hit the streets in a new firetruck — a hook and ladder truck.

The new truck is around 10 feet longer than their current ones, and also features an extra steering wheel towards the back. It is meant to give drivers more control of the truck while responding to calls. The truck is split into two units that drivers can control.

“Driving in the front is not too much different than driving a regular firetruck, but driving the back is,” said Greg Lampkin, a Battalion Chief at KFD. “Everything steers backward, opposite as you would think. So you gotta have some good reflexes to get it straightened back up.”

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University of Tennessee recognized by Forbes as one of the best places to work in the state

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Forbes magazine recognized the University of Tennessee in Knoxville as one of the best places to work in the state.

UT earned the state’s number seven spot, officials said.

“We’ve worked hard to make working here an enjoyable and safe place for our employees. It’s amazing to see these efforts are being recognized,” said Mary Lucal, associate vice chancellor for human resources. We want the university to feel like home for anyone who studies or works here.”

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Job opportunities abound for skilled workers

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Making a living by working with your hands is possible in East Tennessee through a variety of skilled trades or crafts. The Knoxville-Oak Ridge Central Labor Council hosted a Labor Day picnic to celebrate workers and showcase opportunities.

“Everybody’s looking for workers,” said Labor Council President Sam Alexander. “Anything you want to get into, it’s there, electricians, plumbers…even the railroads are hiring currently.”

AT & T had a booth at the picnic showcasing its need for skilled workers to work with fiber optics.

Jason Andrews is with one labor group that specializes in sheet metal for air conditioning ducts and other industrial uses.

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IGT Solutions announces expansion, bringing 200 new jobs to Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — State and local leaders announced IGT Solutions Inc. is expanding in Knoxville, adding 200 jobs and investing nearly $4 million in the Knox County.

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development commissioner Bob Rolfe visited Knoxville Wednesday to make the announcement alongside Knoxville mayor Indya Kincannon, Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs and other local lawmakers.

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Knoxville to provide summer opportunities for at-risk youth, support local organizations

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — More initiatives are rolling out to steer at-risk youth away from violent crime.

The City of Knoxville is helping local non-profits and community organizations by giving them funds to expand summer programs or provide job opportunities. They are meant to help kids avoid violence during the summer months.

“We have a lot of families that are hurting and struggling, a lot of issues that need to be addressed,” said LaKenya Middlebrook with the city.

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