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Residents take action against possible development on former dump site

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Neighbors of an East Knoxville community became concerned when they learned of a proposed development in a wooded area behind their homes. The undeveloped 32-acre plot had once been a city trash dump, and a 30-year-old state study called the property a potential environmental liability.

The Shangri-La Drive neighborhood in East Knoxville is lined with well-manicured lawns and cared for homes many of them built around 35 to 45 years ago. Just to the south of the neighborhood and bordered by railroad tracks is a 32-acre densely wooded tract of land that was once a city landfill that was closed in the late 1960s, according to city records.


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Knoxville offers much to see and hear, but now even more to taste

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — From high atop the Sunsphere —Knoxville’s architectural wonder that was the symbol of the 1982 World’s Fair — I dizzyingly walk around the circular observation deck of the hexagonal tower, taking in the 360-degree view without getting too close to the reflective glass panes that enclose the disco ball-like structure.

I don’t like tall buildings, but with the gold dust-layered Sunsphere, I’ve made an exception just for the panoramic scenery.


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7 Unique Places To Eat And Drink In Knoxville, Tennessee

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Knoxville’s acclaimed culinary scene has been ignited by award-winning chefs and epicurean entrepreneurs whose menus boast creative flavor combos and locally sourced ingredients.

Whatever your tastes — Southern traditions to international fare, white tablecloth service to beer garden eats — dining in Knoxville is to be savored.

Knoxville is located within the Tennessee River Valley in East Tennessee, about 180 miles east of Nashville and 250 miles south of Cincinnati.

The city is served by McGhee Tyson Airport 12 miles south in Alcoa, Tennessee.


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Rebuild or leave? In a flood-prone Tennessee town, one family must decide

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Gretchen Turner looks towards her home before making her way to the Halloween festivities in Downtown Waverly.

Two weeks after the flood, after the water smashed through apartment buildings down the road, after it wrecked the local supermarket and two schools, and carried off cars like bathtub toys, Gretchen Turner sat in a chair on her porch taking advantage of the moment she finally had alone to catch her breath.

The initial trauma from the flood had started to fade. And the rapid-fire questions that people bombarded her with began to slow down.


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East Tennessee farmers invest in agritourism as consumers spend in ‘experience economy’

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Windy Hill Farm’s once lifeless pastures are now lush with tall native grasses.

Soon, the farm will be a destination for tourists looking for an immersive outdoors experience in East Tennessee.

As consumers crave more knowledge about where their food comes from and seek local and regional travel experiences, Windy Hill Hospitality LLC has announced a $10 million investment to turn Windy Hill Farm and Preserve into a year-round, all-inclusive boutique resort, while remaining a working farm.

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Explorers grab your hiking gear! | City of Knoxville starts offering guided hikes

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Novices and experts, grab your trekking shoes and hiking backpacks! The City of Knoxville wants people to get outside and join their Greenway and Urban guided hikes in November.

Every Thursday morning, Parks and Recreation staff leads guided hikes around various trails in Knoxville. The most recent hike was through the Fort Dickerson Trail System on Thursday, Nov. 4.

“The way we try to design our program for this is so that can offer something for everyone,” said Grant Howard, recreational specialist for the City of Knoxville’s parks and recreation. “It’s also an opportunity for more experience for outdoorsmen and people who love to be outside to get with people who are newer and introduce them to the wonderful world of outdoor recreation.”

The program is open to people who never stepped foot on a hiking trail. The trails range from beginner to moderate levels of difficulty. Officials said the hikes offer a well-rounded workout that will leave participants without any regrets.

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Zoo Lights to return to Zoo Knoxville for second year, twice as big

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Visiting the zoo is one of the best ways to brighten your day, and starting Nov. 26 Zoo Knoxville will be even brighter than before.

Officials said Zoo Lights will return to the zoo for its second year on Nov. 26 and will continue through Jan. 9. They also said it is double the size of last year, with twice the number of lanterns. It is also expected to stretch the length of the zoo.

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Do your holiday shopping locally with The Maker City and Retropolitan Craft Fair

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The makers of The Maker City are gearing up for another holiday gift-giving season.

Last year’s holiday season — full-bore pandemic, no vaccine — was a unique one for

shoppers trying to find presents for everyone on their lists. The Mayor’s Maker Council,

The Maker City, and The Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) met many challenges

and supported the city’s makers by offering several options for online shopping, and

they’re continuing to do so this year.

You can access gorgeous, handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts from Knoxville’s makers

with the ease of a mouse click, and some of the most delightful, sure-to-please items are

gathered for you in the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, which you can find at

If you’re up for a little more excitement in real-time, try the Holiday Monday

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Tennessee Riverline seeking ideas about how Knoxville can improve its riverfront

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — People living in Knoxville will have a chance to share their ideas about how the city can improve its riverfront on Thursday.

The Tennessee RiverLine Project is helping organize an event near Suttree Landing Park from 4 p.m. through 7 p.m. where people can discuss ways to increase public access to river spaces and improve experiences in the region. They are also looking for ideas on how they can improve river health, be better stewards of natural resources and promote economic development.

It will be hosted by members of Knoxville’s Tennessee RiverTowns Program leadership team. Representatives from the Tennessee RiverLine are helping facilitate the event.

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5 of Knoxville’s best local booksellers

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With the invention of e-books and an uptick in customers ordering books from Amazon, the number of local bookstores has declined significantly in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic has also understandably contributed to this downturn.

The Strand bookstore in New York City is an almost 100-year old institution that is valued by New Yorkers and tourists alike. According to a New York Times Article published in Oct. 2020, the owner announced that the store’s revenue was down 70% from the previous year and that she needed customers’ help to keep the business alive.

The issue of local bookstores being able to stand strong in the wake of Amazon’s success and the pandemic is not exclusive to big cities like New York. If anything, this example of a struggling bookseller could act as a stimulus to push people across the country to prioritize visiting their local bookstores before ordering online.

Knoxville has seen its fair share of bookstore closures in recent years, but there are still a variety of ways you can support local and get all of your favorite stories. Also, the number of places starting to include bookselling in their repertoire of services seems to be increasing. Here are five bookstores in or near Knoxville that are local and unique to the southeast region.

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