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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -Anytime the word ‘snow’ pops up in the forecast, our attention is piqued, and anytime someone mentions the Blizzard of ’93, well, we’re all ears.

When a social media post about a do-over of that 1993 storm went viral recently, we had to look into it. We found the post was inaccurate.

That March 1993 storm was incredibly rare; it’s often called the “Storm Of The Century,” so that should tell you something. Knoxville had 15″ of snow from March 12-14th, while Gatlinburg was closer to 30.” This viral Facebook post called for nearly a foot more than that in Knoxville. Here’s what the poster said: “This pattern shows that we are due to get between 24 – 35 inches of snow. This could change and become even more snow if the model shores up and intensifies.”

Not only would that crush the Blizzard of ’93, it would be way more than Knoxville’s biggest single-day snow EVER: 17.5″ from February 13, 1960.

That’s simply not going to happen. The WVLT forecast for the dates in the post is warm and actually a pleasant day.

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