Eye of the tiger: Knoxville breast cancer patient rings victory bell after final radiation treatment

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Rocky Balboa “didn’t hear no bell” unless he was the one celebrating in the ring. For Ashley Hensley, she would be the one to ring that victory bell at the University of Tennessee Cancer Institute.

Ashley let the sweet sounds of victory ring out this week after completing her twentieth and final round of radiation treatment. She’s been battling breast cancer since November 13, 2020.

On Instagram — she called out to all her “Adrians” who cheered her on along the way with a fun Rocky picture montage (you gotta have a montage!), saying this moment “was a culmination of so many tears, fears, and worries that were tackled head on without looking back.”

We first introduced you to Ashley last week. She documented her radiation treatment with plenty of silly and fun pictures on social media.

“If it makes it less scary for one person, then I’ll feel like I’ve helped someone,” she said. “If you give me an opportunity to dress up for a picture, I’m going to take it.”

She wants her pictures to share to others that they aren’t alone in this journey.

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