Lawmakers urge Knoxville-Knox County task force to loosen restrictions

in Government

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and other Tennessee lawmakers are stepping up their push reopen the county.

Mayor Jacobs sent the Knoxville-Knox County Reopening Task Force a letter urging them to follow Governor Lee’s lead by further loosening restrictions on some businesses starting Friday, May 22.

“I think that puts our businesses at a disadvantage compared to businesses in the surrounding counties because if someone wants to go to a restaurant here or go to whatever here and it’s not open they can just as easily cross the county line,” Jacobs said, “Really, if you think about it, we’re doing this to protect public health but people from Knox County can travel and vice versa. I feel that we all need to be in lock step so I’m encouraging Dr. Buchanan to follow the state’s lead on that just to do what they’re doing.”

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