Rapid coronavirus testing is coming to East Tennessee, here’s how it works

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — People who have been tested for coronavirus have to wait days, sometimes more, to get their results back.

New technology launching in Tennessee cuts that time drastically.

“We’ll get a positive within 5 minutes, negatives take 13 minutes but before the patient leaves we can take care of the patient and know if they’re positive or negative,” said Dr. Benjamin Barlow, Chief Medical Officer for American Family Care (AFC).

This test is designed by Abbott Laboratories.

Select Walgreens locations are offering it, as well as some AFC urgent care clinics.

The AFC locations in Alcoa and on Cedar Bluff in Knoxville will offer rapid testing by Wednesday, April 15.

“To get tests instantly literally is going to change the game in our fight against this pestilence,” said Dr. Bruce Irwin, AFC Founder and CEO.

Irwin said these new kits will allow them to test about 4,000 Tennesseans.

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