Spring means bees are swarming. Here’s what to do if you see a swarm

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Warmer weather means more bees are swarming. Every spring, what looks like “clouds” of bees stick to trees and sides of houses.

Beekeepers are urging people to call the professionals to remove those swarms safely.

Knoxville Beekeeper Rick Cheverton runs The Cliffs of Honey Bee Farms described swarms of bees come in a variety of settings and sizes.

“It’s going to be essentially a ball of bees,” Cheverton said. “Maybe a basketball size, it may be football size, you know or it can be slightly larger than that.”

Cheverton has already gotten a few calls this season to take care of the bee swarms.

“They can lay in most anywhere; in fact, I had a lady call me last year and they had swarmed into her mailbox,” Cheverton said. “They’re kind of looking for a place to where they can live and it’s very temporary. They’re just there temporarily until they can find a better home.”

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