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Tennessee woman goes the extra mile to reunite lost dogs with families

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – When you lose a pet, the traditional way of finding it is by posting flyers or signs. Nowadays more and more effective methods are being found through social media, along with boots on the ground flyers and searching. Angela Fayard knows this perhaps better than anyone.

She organized a recent campaign that aims to bring a 2-year-old Dalmatian mix, Moonie back to the Sevier County Humane Society safely. The page called Bring Moonie Home posts updates on recent believed sightings, as well as up-to-date information on the efforts to find the lost dog.

Moonie was lost on February 24th after he ran away from his owner who had adopted him just a day before. Angela says Moonie came to the humane society emaciated and not in good shape, and that he needs to be found soon to continue his heart medication.

Angela tells us that over the last several years she and her team have helped rescue over 300 lost dogs. She is using things like drones, dog traps, and now a net gun to catch dogs that may be wary of approaching someone.

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Dogs bring big smiles to patients at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for first time in a year

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — After a year-long hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some very special guests were finally able to return to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital this week to make patients smile!

Guinness and Murphy, two pups that are part of the Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT) program, were finally able to return to the hospital after a whole year of waiting.

The two dogs couldn’t stop wagging their tails as they greeted excited patients Monday and Tuesday. Needless to say, it was a treat for both them and the patients.
“Their eyes just lit up, and they were so happy that a dog had come back, so it’s a great program. It means so much to me, it means a lot to Guinness, and hopefully it means a lot to the kids and the staff,” Guinness’ owner Foster Arnett said.

The HABIT program is made up of volunteers from the community, representatives from the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and private veterinary practitioners.

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Knoxville community comes together to support dog with cancer after owner diagnosed with COVID-19

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While people across the country celebrated New Year’s Eve with virtual get-togethers and parties, one man in Knoxville was in the University of Tennessee Medical Center with COVID-19. He had his 12-year-old dog by his side, Duchess.

However, she needed a safe place to go, according to a release from the University of Tennessee. Duchess couldn’t stay at the hospital and required regular medication to treat her cancer. And since the patient was new to Knoxville, he did not know anyone who could care for her.

So, he called AlignCare for help. The program uses social service agency resources and veterinary resources to support people who may not have access to pet care. It is a part of UT’s Program for Pet Health Equity.
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