Tennessee astronaut, Captain Barry Wilmore, is training to make history

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Captain Barry “Butch” Wilmore is training for a return trip to space as Commander of the first manned flight of Boeing’s Starliner in the Fall.

Captain Wilmore and veteran astronaut, Colonel Mike Fincke, are 923 miles from Knoxville inside Building 9 at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

“This is where we do all types of training. This is Gateway, it will orbit into the vicinity of the moon,” said Captain Wilmore. “You see over there Orion, the capsule Orion where we do the same type of training as we do in the Starliner.”

Captain Wilmore, Colonel Fincke and Lieutenant Colonel Nicole Mann will be aboard NASA’s first crewed flight of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft.

“You see the three seats. The far seat on the far side is the commander’s seat. That’s where I sit. And, this seat here is mission specialist,” said Captain Wilmore, pointing inside a training module at Johnson Space Center.

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