‘The Human Remains Locator’ | Forensic investigators develop tools they say can find bodies

in Technology

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — An East Tennessee inventor said his new device may help forensic investigators do the hardest part of their jobs — finding more bones.

He hopes a new device will revolutionize the way investigators uncover human remains.

He said that the device can find bones buried in unmarked graves, even if those remains are centuries old. Art Bohanan, a forensic investigator who created the device, gave it a simple name: The Human Remains Locator.

He showed it off in one of Knoxville’s oldest cemeteries, combing through the brush to find bones deep beneath his feet. The device uses technology similar to how dowsing rods are meant to work, responding with swinging oscillations whenever it is pointed in the direction of an unmarked grave.

“There’s nothing over here between them, but when you move it back over here, it’s an instant response,” said Bohanan while combing through the cemetery.



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