Up, up and away | Knoxville teen competing in trampoline world championships

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LENOIR CITY, Tenn. — If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline, you probably never got as much air as Cammie Cooper.

“I love everything about the sport,” she said. “I love the actual skills part of it, the training part of it, getting to meet different people all over the across the country.”

The Knoxville athlete started taking gymnastics at age four and was pulled for the competitive team at five.

But her specialty isn’t your standard gymnastics event.

“So we don’t do bars and beam,” said Cammie. “We do trampoline, double mini and tumbling trampoline.”

Her favorite is the double mini event.

“It’s like a cross between a vault and a trampoline. So you run up to it like a vault, and you do one skill onto the bed, the trampoline bed, and then you do a skill off of it,” she said.

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