Zoo Knoxville’s newest langur boasts Tennessee flair

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The lastest addition to the Zoo Knoxville family has a distinctively Tennessee flair.

The zoo announced Friday that the langur troop has grown by one. The bright orange baby was born Nov. 30 to parents Lucy and Walter. It is the second langur baby born in Knoxville in the last three years.

“The infant is healthy and nursing and being closely monitored to ensure it continues to thrive,” a release from Zoo Knoxville states. ” Langur babies will keep their striking coloring for three to six months, then begin to transition to darker fur like the other members of their group.”

It has not been determined if the infant is a boy or a girl. No name has been chosen as of yet.

The full family of silvered leaf langurs will all help care for the infant, a social practice called allomothering. The baby will be on public view in the Langur Landing indoor viewing room in a few weeks.

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